by - November 12, 2018


Hey Loves,

So this past week has been so hectic for me, but I found time to pop by the mall and get some things I needed.

And of course, in true "me" fashion, I was distracted and got a few things that weren't on the "to get" list. I made a turn into The Body Shop, saw that they had a "3 for 2" special (Get three products for the price of 2), and got these products:

1. "Berry Bon Bon" Shower Gel

                                                            Price: N$/R 100.00
                                                                      250 ml

2. "Berry Bon Bon" Body Butter


                                                             Price: N$/R 185.00

3. "Japanese Cherry Blossom" Strawberry Kiss Fragrance Mist

                                                             Price: N$/R 155.00

I love The Body Shop, not because the products are affordable (the prices are amazing, seriously), but because the products are amazing. I've become a frequent shopper at The Body Shop, and I'm yet to be disappointed.

Two of the products I got, specifically the Shower Gel and the Body Lotion are  are fragrance "Berry Bon Bon", which I've never tried before. The smell is divine. wow. I also decided to try a new fragrance with the Fragrance Mist, so I decide n "Japanese Cherry Blossom - Strawberry Kiss". And ugh, the scent is to die for. It blends really well with the Berry Bon Bon.

With so much sweet scent on me, lets just hope I don't get attacked by bees.

PS. The special (3 for 2) is still on, so go get you some products!


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