by - March 31, 2019

Hey there,

So this past week, I took a short trip to Cape Town. The main reason for my trip was to attend my sister's graduation ceremony (which was like 3 hours), but I made sure to make a relaxing trip out of this. We traveled to CPT on Thursday morning, and left Sunday Afternoon. So I was in Cape Town for a good 3 days. We stayed at a cute cottage in Rondebosch, and ugh, it was so cozy. I'm sad I didn't actually take pictures of the inside of it, but trust me, it felt like home. 

Cute little area right outside/ at the entrance of our Cottage

I spent most of those days sleeping, or lounging by the pool. And I couldn't have had more fun. I was convinced to leave our little cottage that we booked to go the beach for a few hours, which was great.

Its always refreshing to my soul when I get some time off to relax...

Having a full time job doesn't allow me to have much time for myself. If i'm not working, I'm  trying to rest for the next day of work. So one of my few goals for the year is to make more time for myself, which includes traveling. So I'm getting off on the right foot. I'm planning a trip with my friend for mid April, so I'm excited to get away again.

Thanks for popping by!

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